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I’m watching a let’s play of Five Nights at Freddy’s and I’m terrified.

I couldn’t sleep at all the first night after I watched a Five Nights at Freddy’s let’s play.

The second night (last night), I cuddled with stuffed animals and imagined my dragons on Flight Rising were my protectors. That’s literally the only reason I got any sleep last night.

You have my sympathies, good luck and fare ye well.

My son downloaded the demo (on Steam, I think), and I played through the first night last night. For some reason, I didn’t find it too scary (Slenderman is much scarier to me) - although those animatronic animals ARGH NO THANK YOU. I wasn’t really a fan of not being able to move around, but it IS a cool game. Nice to see what seems to me like a new concept for the horror genre. 

Also, I am TOTALLY IN FAVOR of Flight Rising dragons as protectors. That is the best thing ever. (And you can bet I will be doing the same in the future). :) 

Smokey Imperials for Sale

New babies for sale today at Edge of the Map, and I’m not going to lie - it was difficult to put this batch up for sale. I REALLY want to keep two of them, but I just don’t have the lair space (and it’s hard to justify keeping the female I really like - the one with the teal primary - as she’s almost an EXACT clone of her mother). But I was really happy with the way these babies turned out. 

Imperial Female - 125K

Imperial Male - 100K

Imperial Female - 100K

I also have some new Smoke Spirals and Skydancers, most priced around 40K - 50K; take a peek at my hatchery thread for more details. 

Yeah, not awful… but not special, either. I like the way the SD wing tips drape over the top on the male better than the female, I think. *still resisting looking at mine with wings in mind*

Eh, to be honest, the more I see the wings, the less I feel the need to get them for my dragons! So, maybe it won’t be too dangerous to take a look at your dragons. :D I mean, I’ll be happy if wings drop for me out of chests or whatever, but I really don’t feel motivated to go out and BUY THEM ALL. (Unlike familiars hahahahaha *sobbing*).

aphreal42 replied to your post “Okay, Swipp … you have redeemed yourself (for now haha)”

Ooh… I haven’t seen many dragons the new wings look good on, but this is definitely one of them. How pretty! *resists urge to go check out her skydancers and see who needs wings*

Yeah, the wings are nice in theory, but I really don’t like them on most of the dragons I’ve tried them on so far (of course, I only have two pairs at this time, so my colors are limited). But yeah, sometimes they look awkward. Case in point:

I mean, they’re not HORRIBLE, but I don’t think they look genuinely good, either. 

woah, they look amazing! at first i didn’t even notice, that his normal wings aren’t seen, they fit perfectly :D

Yeah, I really do like the way they look on him. On some of the breeds? Not so much - they just look weird or awkward to me. But this is a good match, I think. So, I probably won’t ever want loads of those wings, but for certain dragons? They can be really nice. :)

Okay, Swipp … you have redeemed yourself (for now haha)

I was feeling grumpy with Swipp, but yesterday the Driftwood Baron was available, and today, I was able to grab a pair of Cloudy Feathered Wings. I’m not a huge fan of the new wings, in general, but they do look pretty spectacular on Lonari, yes? 

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Coliseum Loot Stats

Because apparently I’m in the mood for random projects lately. :D

I’ve seen a few other people keep track of Coli battles and loot, and see what drops, and how much money can be made. So, I spent exactly half an hour in the Woodland Path, and kept track of all my loot. 

I fought 160 battles, and received no loot for 33 of them (so, about 20% of the time, which, honestly, seems kind of icky. I would rather have 0% no loot battles :D, but if that’s not an option, 5 or 10 percent seems more reasonable. Especially since, in this case, I was grinding with a high-level team, so I wasn’t gaining any benefit of leveling dragons to exalt). As far as loot goes, here’s what dropped: 

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When FR registration opens, would you be willing to help people breed dragons like you?


Absolutely! I’m happy to answer questions, and give advice. Somewhere, I think I’ve written a couple of very basic breeding primers (I’ll hunt them down and repost - probably after rewriting them a bit - when we find out about a reg window), so you can look for those when the time comes. Either way I will be more than happy to help you breed dragons you will love. There definitely are some tips and tricks that aren’t immediately apparent when you first sign up, so if I can help you get where you want to go, I will.


ETA: FWIW, I also usually have some ready to breed dragons I’d be happy to loan out as parents, too, if you have a dragon that you think would make nice babies with my adult. :) 

Yes! Kittens! Didn’t see one for females, though I’ll double check. If not, Clio’s going in a nest tonight.

OMG THAT SNAPPER ACCENT, THO. But I fear it will never really be available again - I can’t even find the creator. *sobbing forever* That would have been so perfect for the one male Snapper I have. He’s a plague dragon and kind of scary, but then KITTEN FRIENDS!!!!

OH! And there is a Female Guardian one - the “d” is cut off of “Catfriend” so if you search just “cat” it’ll show up. :)