The Face of Twee Indie Folk Godhood


ARGH Facebook

So, someone I have known for kind of a long time on Facebook, but who isn’t always all that nice to me, just tagged me in something that wasn’t particularly complimentary. It’s not horribly insulting or anything, just hurt my feelings a bit. But not a big enough deal for me to say something. I’m just ignoring it. Except I forgot that being tagged (even though I never said ANYTHING about the post) makes Facebook think I want to be notified of EVERY SINGLE COMMENT OR LIKE this stupid post receives. FUUUU. Maker’s breath, I really hate Facebook. I think I need to get rid of it, but I’m having a hard time making that decision. In the meantime, I unfollowed the post. But thanks, Facebook (and “friend” who shall remain unnamed) for making me go TWICE to a page I never asked to see, never wanted to see, and found kind of insulting. Just so I would stop getting notices about it for now until the end of eternity.