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Floating in space: Zuppa Toscano (a knock-off of the Olive Garden soup)



If you’ve ever eaten this sausage and potato soup at Oliva Garden, it’s easy to make a reasonable facsimile of it at home.

Start with carton(s) of chicken broth.

For each carton, brown and crumble 1 pound of bulk (not link) Italian sausage (I recommend “sweet” Italian sausage,…

I liveblogged a similar version of this a while back. I make it pretty often. I use bulk boullion, though (Better Than Boullion), instead of boxed. You can get away with a lot less cream than is listed here, because I never found it particularly a “creamy” soup, but a heavy broth. I make it in five gallon batches and only use about 1/4 of a cup.

I also always use the spicy sausage, and add a bit of crushed red pepper, because it’s a spicy soup, but even then, the spice isn’t overwhelming, just that nice “kick”. We don’t put the kale in until just before serving (which is what you do in the restaurants), so it doesn’t overcook.

This is one of my favorite soups ever.