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Oh. My kid is so precious. He was supposed to have been asleep in bed, like, two hours ago. And I just caught him playing video games on his laptop in bed. GRRRRR. I guess the computer is going to be confiscated every night from now on. Ah well.

Bedtime for me now, as well. Nighty night, my dear ones! :)

OMG I FEEL LIKE A LOSER NOW, because fun things are happening on my dash. Loghain boob tattoos! Crows! Kung Pow! Memes! But I need to go to bed, because my alarm is going off six hours from now, whether I’ve gotten any sleep or not. And I’m a girl who prefers eight hours, when I can get it. SO CARRY ON WITHOUT ME, OKAY? 

And this weekend, WE ARE TOTALLY GOING TO WATCH KUNG POW! I WILL FIGURE OUT LIVESTREAM IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO! (Hopefully I won’t live to regret those words. It’s not really complicated, is it)? Hee hee hee.