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Aug 3

The Hero of River Dane: Introducing the Hero of River Dane!


As you may have guessed, this is a Loghain Mac Tir appreciation blog! In the spirit of various “FuckYeah!” blogs, “The Hero of River Dane” will feature artwork and stories and screencaps and anything else interesting that I can find about Loghain Mac Tir. It will also be a place where those of us…

So, I accidentally a new blog. It’s called “The Hero of River Dane,” and guess what? It’s a Loghain appreciation blog! So, if you love Loghain (or even just like him and appreciate him enough to want to hang out), come on over! And, you know, FOLLOW THIS BLOG. :D There’s not much of anything up there yet, but I plan to fill up the queue very soon with loads of wonderful Loghain, including a post about mods for Origins, and a list of fanfic recommendations. And, of course, loads of delicious artwork (all of which will be appropriately credited).

Also, I’m accepting submissions, so please jump in if you have favorite Loghain things to share, or want to promote a fic, or whatever! 

(This is not my fault, btw. I blame Chakwas. It was her idea. Hahahaha! Okay, so it didn’t take much arm twisting, though). 

Oh, and if you’d like to reblog this and help me promote the new blog, that would be fantastic! I’m going to post more stuff there RIGHT NOW! :)